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    man you guys were so good. i have used you before and after anticheat and i will say i wish things were like before. your tool is great and the camos are great but since release of anticheat EVERYTIME  load the stellar i either get shadowbanned, or my game goes up to such a high ping i cant play. cant play at 200+ ping when if i dont inject im at 38 ping.... i wish there was a fix. but untill then i will look for another provider, or wait and pray you guys find a way to get around that. my internet is not the best but i simply cant play and/or record at 200 + ping with 10% packet loss. kind regards,


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    I am using EO's spoofer. my friend says it works for him. im 90% sure am HWID flagged but when i just use their spoofer, im okay. and i was using your cheat with their spoofer as well before the anticheat, and it kept me at 38-60 ping. now my internet isnt the best at night sometimes it will go to 90 ping, but i have also tried your spoofer after anti cheat, but it didnt really work? No doubt your tool is amazing man and i want to keep using it, but i cant if it makes my game unplayable. i ❤️ you guys though man and hope this gets fixed 🙂

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    On 12/22/2021 at 1:01 PM, WiCKeD said:

    hello DABATHA, i appreciate the honest words. are you using a spoofer? if so can I ask what spoofer are you using?

    Do you have any recomendations for other spoofers? have you guys looked into the shadow ban/high ping issue? also merry Christmas!!

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