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    Ripoff / scam / installer is a virus


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    You guys must be the stupidest mofos on the planet if you think I'm going to intentionally download a file that even Microsoft antivirus is screaming is Trojan:Win32/ThemidaPacked!MSR.  Yes, I'm an idiot even for paying seven bucks to try this.  But there's no way in hell I'm going to turn off antivirus just to get some POS hacks that'll probably get flagged within minutes of playing anyways.  I don't what you say or claim in the forums - you're a scammer.

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    well any hack you download you will need to turn off all of your av as a "hack" is a virus that pulls the game info in the background. Wouldnt use your main account, but can tell you that if you dont make it obvious you can last in upwards of 3 months or more



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