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    Is this a scam site???

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    Hello. I bought a 1 week pass. Doesn't work. After I bought it, status was updated to updating. However, there is a V2 that is working. I buy a 1 day pass for V2 and have the same issue. It says HWID mismatch when running the loader. So I have now paid for 8 days of product and received 0 days of usage. I have made support ticket that has barely been responded to with incomplete sentences, and I see no way to ask for a refund. What kind of a bad joke is this? 

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    Please open a ticket in our discord and I'll be happy to resolve this issue for you. Or would you like me to go ahead and process the refund? We use discord for product support because it's a lot easier to help customers on there. Sorry for any inconvenience's that this has caused you.  


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