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    I purchased this after using EO and AA previously for MW/WZ. Got HWID a lot on EO, and never did with AA and their spoofer. I wanted to change, so I looked into this. I decided to purchase when AA sub was up.

    I downloaded, and injected all according to directions, and opened the game up. Mod menu looks great and much more simple to use than AA. 

    Some things to note however 1.) I went into custom game with some friends to test out setting... extremely high ping and frame drops (no matter what setting I was on). I hosted the custom game, so I should not have been lagging. I have seen some other people with problems of frame drops and high pings while using said chair.

    2.) I got Shadowbanned BEFORE I went into any public game. I got out of custom game and we loaded up and ping went straight to 350ms. 


    As of now, I am going to be off the account for 7-14 days to see if shadowban is lifted and cleaner worked, or I am HWID banned, to which I really hope I am not, because I really wanted to test out and see if it was worth $60.

    Will update then


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