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    1. Customer Service Staff

      Night Owl is looking for 3 people to expand our ever growing team. We are looking for mature, motivated individuals. Please do not apply if this is not you. 18+ is absolutely required. Now that I got that out of the way this is your opportunity to join our staff team and meet some cool people in the process. 
      What are we looking for?
      [+] 18+
      [+] Knowledgeable with troubleshooting cheat software.
      [+] Friendly to others.
      [+] Team Player
      [+] Must be active, big MUST.
      What benefits will we provide you?
      [+] Free keys for most subs
      [+] Store wide discount
      [+] Staff giveaways
      If you are interested please apply by clicking the apply button on this page. We reviews applications daily, please do not hesitate!

      Position: Moderator

      Number of places: 3

      Applicants: 17


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