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    1. Hey guys once again offering something else for apex! This is mostly for cheaters or anyone who has previously been banned and just wants to play the game like normal. This spoofer works like most others with a serial flash on the mobo/drives and then does an active change on the serials if you plan on cheating with the spoofer it does come with a cleaner as well to make sure you get rid of any trace files and to prevent more frequent bans! Ill be selling this thru the discord server or directly thru my discord pms so please feel free to add me or join the server and make a ticket! Pricing : 6$/ 1day - 35$/ 1 month 75$/ 3 months Disclaimer: If you play apex on steam the spoofer does authenticate thru your steam id please keep in mind that if you switch steam accs you wont be able to use it however if you wanted to play on multiple origin accounts thats completely fine. Discord: oxy#5050 Nightowl Server: https://discord.gg/jcFQy2fuCm
    2. Hello my names oxy! I'm offering apex boosting services this is for legit players trying to get special badges or just get higher up in the ranks! I take pride in the fact that this is 100% LEGIT boosting I, as well as everyone else on the team do not cheat / will not be using cheats to assist in the boosting we are all apex vets I myself have been a masters player for almost 5 seasons in a row and had one pred badge season as well we do not cheat for these services which means there is no chance of ban on you the customers end! RANKED BOOSTING: For ranked boosting the price will be calculated based on how far up in the ranks you want to go. Obviously the price for going from bronze 4 to masters would be more expensive than going from d4 to masters, the same goes for arenas boosting Please reach out to me for more info/pricing on this! Badges: I have two options for the badges the first being I, or someone from my group will log onto your account play until we get the badge and done! The 2nd being you play with our team and we help you get the badge (This option will obviously take longer so in that sense will also cost more) There is no specific badge that cannot be requested we can do 4k , 20 bomb , 10-10-10 badge , 100 streak in arenas. Of course the price will vary based on the badges you'd want and on how many legends you want them on, again please reach out to me for more info/pricing The best way to get ahold of me is thru discord my tag is oxy#5050 feel free to add me or join the Night Owl discord and make a ticket!


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