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  • Quality Gaming Enhancements
    • Rainbow 6 Siege | Undetected Hacks

    • Aimbot

      [+]Our Rainbow 6 aimbot is feature packed. We have both normal aimbot and silent aimbot working perfectly and undetected.

    • Security

      [+]We ensure the security of our users by regularly checking on our products. We have a dedicated team of users that regularly check to see if there are any detections in our products so your account remains safe,

    • ESP

      [+]Our Rainbow 6 Siege ESP gives you eyes to see everyone on the battlefield. Seeing your enemy before they see you is vital to winning battles.

    • Updates

      [+]Our Rainbow 6 hacks are updated regularly to ensure they are fully updated and undetected from Battle Eye Anti Cheat. We also have the fastest updates times compared to other providers!

    • Exploits

      [+]Night Owls Rainbow 6 Siege cheats come feature packed full of fun undetected exploits to use such as Unlock all operators, rappel anywhere, shoot behind corners, force acog, + much more.

    • Support

      [+]Buying from Night Owl ensures that you get the best support in the industry. Check out our reviews on Trust Pilot & Facebook.


    • The Best Rainbow 6 Siege Cheats on God

      Here at Night Owl Cheats we provide the best exclusive Rainbow 6 Siege hacks. Our Apex hacks are always up to date & undetected. We maintain a level of security for our customers who want to cheat on Rainbow 6 Siege. If you're not hacking in Rainbow 6 Siege, you are at a big disadvantage. A lot of players in the community are running cheats and hacks for R6S, you get killed by them everyday and don't even know. We have the best R6S cheats on the market, try a day key if you don't believe us. We offer the best 1 on 1 technical support to troubleshoot and fix any problems with your Rainbow 6 Siege cheats. No other provider has the level of support or features that our Rainbow 6 Siege cheats have to offer.


      What is Rainbow 6 Siege?

      Rainbow 6 Siege is an online multiplayer tactical FPS game focusing on teamplay and skill to win every game. This game makes you use your brain and relies on your skill and team work to beat the opposing team. This is not your average run and gun multiplayer game, that will not work in this game for most situations, only people of a certain caliber may be able to pull off a technique like that.


      Rainbow 6 Siege Aimbot

      Rainbow 6 Siege is a FPS game which requires you to have that perfect aim or you're always going to get run over by other hackers or even sweats who live on the game. Using our Rainbow 6 Siege aimbot you will be able to dominate any gun fight and turn every battle into your advantage. Our software is completely customizable and have many built in settings that can be tweaked to make your aim look legit. With our Rainbow 6 Siege cheats you can either rage and destroy everyone in the lobby for fun or you can play legit and make your aim look completely natural as you still continue to melt your enemies. Our current Rainbow 6 Siege Cheat features for the aimbot consist of:



      [+] Aimbot

      [+] Custom Smoothing

      [+] Auto Shoot (Delay Optional)

      [+] Force Shoot

      [+] Run & Shoot

      [+] Infinite Ammo

      [+] Custom Hitbox
      [+] Custom Aim Key

      [+] Custom FOV


      Rainbow 6 Siege ESP

      Having eyesight on the battlefield is everything in tactical games such as Rainbow 6 Siege. With our Rainbow 6 Siege cheat you will be able to see everything you need to see such as enemies and enemy equipment. Having this knowledge is a huge advantage over your enemy. It is quite stressful trying to loot an area while watching my back every second, I'm sure we all know this feeling and that's why we implemented player ESP into our software. With this you will know exactly where your enemies are at all times. Our current Apex Legends Cheat features consist of:


      [+] Player Glow ESP

      [+] Item Glow ESP

      [+] Player Boxes

      [+] Player Snaplines

      [+] Player Corner Box

      [+] Player Health Bar

      [+] Player Shield Bar

      [+] Player Knocked

      [+] Health Glow

      [+] Customizable Glow Brightness

      [+] ESP Distance


      Rainbow 6 Siege Cheats

      We can proudly say that Night Owl has the best Rainbow 6 Cheats on the market, without a doubt! With our cheats you are able to dominate any competition that you run into, whether you want to rage and just completely shit on your opponents, or play a legit playstyle and hide your Rainbow 6 Siege hacks, our cheats can do it all. Do you really think everyone who plays R6 plays legit with no cheats? Wrong, in fact you are at a huge disadvantage because a large amount of players cheat on Rainbow 6 Siege every single day!


      Rainbow 6 Siege Exploits

      Our Rainbow 6 Siege Exploits are crazy! Honestly I personally was testing this Rainbow 6 Cheat and by default it had some crazy exploits on called auto shoot and auto bang walls, I didn't even know, I took like 10 steps and my aimbot took over and completely obliterated the enemy team. For me, I was in heaven. I understand some of you may not want features like this so make sure to check they are disabled before running into a fight! We have other crazy exploits packed into our menus so if you ever start to get bored don't forget you can become a crazy killing machine in R6.



      Yes, our Rainbow 6 Siege hacks are full stream proof, meaning when you stream to YouTube, or twitch, Facebook, or whatever! Your cheat's will be hidden almost as if you never injected them. This is a big thing for us, we would never want any of our customers accidently slipping up on stream and getting caught cheating. Which is why we provide full stream proof support for our Rainbow 6 Cheats. Rest assured know we got you covered!



      Here at Night Owl, we take our cheat security seriously, which is why we have a special team that routinely checks on our cheats to make sure you won't get banned! Please  understand that even though our cheats are undetected doesn't mean you cannot get banned, if you accrue a ton of ban reports in game you may be at risk for a ban. We would never recommend cheating on a main account no matter how undetected the Rainbow 6 Cheats are.



      This is another thing we take pride in here at Night Owl. Our update times are phenomenal. That means less waiting and more playing. Our cheats come fully featured with auto updating software so you will never have to wait days for a cheat to be updated. Updates usually finish within 30 minutes - 2 hours after a game update. If the update happens to break our auto updater our team will get the cheat and auto updater back up in the same amount of time. Time is always compensated when updates take longer than this.



      If you don't already know Night Owl is known for our Customer Support. We understand not everyone knows how to run cheat's properly which is why we are there for you around the clock to provide you with any type of support you need. Whether you need help getting the cheats running or you ran into a big uh-oh, we are there to help you out with anything. We will literally hop in a call with you and troubleshoot your problem until it is resolved. So what are you waiting for? Give us a chance and try out our Rainbow 6 Cheats today!




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