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    Warzone Vision F.A.Q.


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    How do I open menu?

    You can only open the menu in game. The default key to open is Insert. You can Change it to Home, End, or Insert In game.


    Why wont my menu open?

    You can only open menu in game.


    My ESP is not working even after the cheat injected, why?

    95% of the time your graphics settings most likely have reverted back to fullscreen borderless. Please make sure you select fullscreen and then click apply settings.


    How do I use stream proof?

    Atm only xSplit is supported. Please download 64bit make sure Vulkan and directx12 is enabled in settings. First inject as admin, then start xSplit as admin, & then start battle net as admin. Stream proof should work if you followed above directions.


    My cheat is not injecting.

    Make sure your opening warzone from battle net, otherwise it won't inject.


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