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MWII Season 3 Important information.


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A message for all of you.

Ricochet is now searching through your browser's visited websites and current open tabs. ( Yes this is in the terms in their privacy policy )
Please clear all history/data for any browser you've used to access cheat websites/forums now & make sure to clear all browsing data all time including cookies/cache/history/everything.

Then, use incognito windows to access cheat websites/forums in the future to download your loader or w/e.
You can save your logins for these websites somewhere safe, but not in the browser.


Ricochet iterates through open tabs. Do not visit a cheating website/forum while the game is running, even in incognito.
You can always still access these websites from your phone while the game is running BUT DO NOT USE SAME NETWORK/WIFI, USE YOUR MOBILE DATA.

Ricochet iterates through window names. ( Any Telegram users, please do the following:
Go to Telegram Settings -> Advanced -> then under "Windows title bar" uncheck every option. As a fail safe, do not have Telegram open on your PC while cheating. You can still use Telegram from your phone while the game is running, again on mobile data, not the same network you are playing on.

IF POSSIBLE. - Use USB To inject from. The USB should never be inserted when game is running.
Delete any copies of your loader that aren't on your USB (e.g. ones in Downloads/Recycle Bin)

During the first few weeks of Season 3, Ricochet is going to be using their new tool to review gameplay of reported players & players with high stats as evaluated by the server side.

They will especially be reviewing players that are high ranks in ranked mode. Turning your aimbot off & only using ESP for 14 days is recommended. Aimbot is still safe, but turning it off will reduce your stats captured by the server side which will assist in your gameplay not being reviewed & it may even reduce your reports.

Play smart, We will allways be on top.

- NightOwl Team

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