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hello, ive been gone for a minute. ive decided to come back, but i need to know some configs that wont get me shadow banned, and i need to know you guys arent detected, i was told if you get more than 15 kills it kicks you out and does damage nerf. Please, in all honesty let me know if i can use this software on a main account and not get banned, + settings for software, thank you 


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Hello @spacecowboy Im glad you decided to come back to us!
a good config for your chair to insure that you do not get a shadow ban would be 200 smoothing and 100 acceleration
this will be the most legit config, to be even better set your esp target rang on enemies to 100 meters or less so that you are not blantently running at people to take them out.
it makes you look more legit, if you need any further assistance join our discord or message me on discord at Pinky#4646

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