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Khemical WZ Review:

Injection: 10/10
- really simple downloader
- detailed pre injection instructions, clear and easy to understand and follow for beg/adv chair users.
- first time inject, went successful, menu showed up quick and instant

Chair Menu 10/10
- vibrant, detailed and organized
- provided pre set examples of how far you want to take the chair in terms of rage level, this gives first time user and idea of what settings are considered legit or not
- the feature of the menu that caught my eye the most was the descriptors and warnings it provided when using a certain feature, like unlocker tool, silent aim, auto ping were given a warning of might cause disappearing enemies
- it provided numerous customizations and optimizations to ensure you can fine tune your chair down to a micro level to increase your chances of looking more legit

Aimbot: 10/10
- There was no jitters, no misfires, no miscalculated angles, it hit what you told it to hit
- smoothing and accelerating sliders were easy to use and really made sure you weren’t ever seen lazering people in seconds, gave you a chance to miss some shots if you need to
- double toggle key was a nice touch, im so used to using rewasd to remap two different buttons in case if I wanted to toggle or trigger on fire trigger.
- bone selector had numerous options to choose from and an override bone to focus fire on, that was a nice touch.

ESP: 9.5/10
- the overlay was accurate, players were tracked smoothly, no glitches or fade outs or sudden disappearance of esp.
- gave multiple options of what to reveal on the map and how far you would want this info to be revealed to you.
- reason I only dropped it down by .5 was that nvidia shadowplay and overwolf outplayed both was not able to cover esp. it is stream proof but not entire game recorder proof. Hopefully in the future, this will change.

Overall, I was very happy with the chair, definitely will be using it again. What made me stay though, was the awesome community .

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