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what exactly.?


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What exactly causes enimies to go invisible? is there a way to stop this? Or prevent? 

Also what is the best process when using a spoofer? How much do you need to use it?

What causes shadow bans, and what causes perma bans? What are the best solutions to fix bans?


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@jameshoove Enemies going invisible: You are too obvious or your accuracy is insanely high(You are SUS player to activision- Ricochet kicks in and make people invisible so you can't kill them.


Spoofer: If you are HWID banned- It lets you bypass all that and show game providers that you are on new hardware by replacing your serial numbers. You need to run it before you boot your game. You only have to reinject after every restart of your PC.


Shadowban/Perma BAN: If you are raging , super obvious or gets reported by lot of other players, Activision shadowbans you first(You cant find games- Search ping will be 350

ms and if you get in a lobby it will be full of other cheaters) and check if you are cheating or not- After they review the BAN will uplift or change into a Permanent BAN. 


Solutions: EXPENSIVE OPTION= Buy new hardware or replace your PC's Motherboard, SSD's and RAM's & Easy CHEAP Option= Buy our FUCKINNNNNNNNGG SPOOFER ❤️ Hahaha It will bypass all kind of bans 🙂 




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i have the spoofer the good one and time on the old one wth the cleaner, i spend a lot of money with yall and have been for a while look at my profile look at all my purchases, and idk about me and my settings i wAas in rebirth quads and my teamate was hacking hard and full blown dropped a 30 bomb and we won he was on my team OBVIOUSLY raging and i was the one getting caught up with invis people smh idk, what is some of the best settings for the damn menu because ive been on safe mode even and been caught/banned  should i use the eternal spoofers cleaner or no, and just spoof with are new spoofy. and these lil bastards perma bann me like i might barely get a couple caldera games in and  boom instant shadow ban which usually leads to me being perma banned the next day, like this last week i have had to basically start a new account every day from fresh lvl 1 accounts, i was buying for like less than a dollar a piece ,could it possibly be the accounts or account providor and NOT OUR ACCOUNTS traing warzone lol, idk wtf im doing wrong i finally believe i have the spoofing down, but idk if my computer is just auto-banned, or what shit kinda sucks lost my OG personal account i also stream while doing this could that affect it? streamlabs? im from USA. Also please everyone that would like to help including you wicked 🙂 please let me see your menu settings also your guys's pictures of your menu settings and your guys's process from start --- playing ---- to End  with a spoofer. Thank You all the Nightowl.gg Family💯some one please help out and show some love❤️

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*forgot to list where i was getting my accounts from*
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