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My review for NightOwl ACD


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First of all I want to give a shout out to Night Owl for taking Visa as payment. That is the main reason I started using Night Owl months ago. but here is the honest truth about Night Owl ACD. What more can you say about it other than it works great. I'm not old but I am older so my reflexes are not what they used to be so i needed something to help level the playing field for me and boy did it. They are constantly adding new features all the time and staying ahead of the game so to speak and the support and help is absolutely awesome. The ESP is absolutely awesome....knowing where, what gun, what level, what floor, how much health, where items are......all of this can help you make a decision whether to push your enemy or not. So many different premade settings also for those who don't feel comfortable changing things....from LEGIT all the way to RAGE with silent AIM. I also have to say this..... you MUST JOIN THE NIGHT OWL DISCORD .  When you do you can get much needed live updates and status of the ACD and also start a support ticket if you have a problem or question and they are there for you in minutes. I highly recommend ACD for anyone looking to just to get an edge on the game or if you want to rage kill. BUT I will say this in closing....dont be an idiot when you use this.... if you are beaming people straight to the head and getting 30 kills a game people are gonna report you.....people report you anyways when you get a legit kill so im just saying be smart about it. My main reason for saying this is you cannot blame Night Owl for getting shadow banned if you go HAM in the game with 40 kills. That being said....I will be a lifetime customer of Night Owl and greatly appreciate their services and support.

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