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5 hours ago, JordanRed2 said:

Is the unlock tool safe to use if you don't put camos on your guns

Hello, there is always a risk in using the unlock all feature regardless. With that said Me personally I use the unlock all tool and i have not had any problems. I make sure to stay away from store items ie.. custom guns you have to purchase. I am not telling you you can't do that but I'm only telling you that if you want to be on the more safe side.. If you make a loadout with a gun you don't have unlocked and using weapon attachments make sure you go back to default guns before logging out to prevent game updates from happening while you are not currently on.  While having thing's that you don't accualy have unlocked.





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7 hours ago, JordanRed2 said:

Ya i goy ban but more important is my key to my  month vip started saying out of no where that im on a new pc . so i bought a new one day pass and it said the same thing... fyi this is for WARZONE



Open a ticket and send your key in and we will reset HWID


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