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ACD review


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Functionality 9/10:

The aimbot works great, especially if you want to avoid detection with "legit" settings. The best feature is that you can tweak certain settings i.e recoil percentage, FOV, and smoothing. Have not had latency issues or rubber banding from injection as of yet. No dev errors either. ESP works good, but some times, the amount of information makes it hard to detect other players. Radar works well, but is not needed. Constant UAV is a game changer, but is not streamproof so use at your own risk.

Misc 7/10:

The unlock tool and reverse camo tool work as intended. Nothing to rave about. Loadouts save, but constant re-enabling of the tool must be used in order to change attachments or camos.


Pricing: 7/10

Pricing is obviously high, but it's worth it if you want to use this chair. That being said, I figure this pricing is what keeps this chair functioning and undetected vice the bigger providers who offer cheaper pricing but a WAY higher ban rate. All-in-all, this would be a better option for chairs.

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