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    Bypass Warzone HWID & Shadow Ban


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    If you are shadow banned on warzone, you're most likely HWID banned too. If you keep getting shadowed on fresh accounts after a match or two then your HWID is banned. As of now I only know of one working spoofer. You can get it from the developers themselves with bitcoin only from here. If you don't have bitcoin there is a reseller in my discord accepting credit/debit for $32.50. His shop can be found here


    Overview of the simple spoofer User Interface download.png.02cef709ee5ce4f870248ff341daac74.png


    There is no other way, I have spent loads of money testing out other spoofers and none have worked except for this one. Great staff team behind it always keeping it up to date. Enjoy playing warzone again. ❤️


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