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    PUBG Night Owl 1.0.0

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    About This File

    PC prep:

    1) Make sure to have game set on borderless fullscreen / windowed in game settings - CLOSE GAME/ORIGIN/STEAM AFTER 
    2)  Delete any antivirus on your Pc, deactivation is not enough 
    3) Disable real-time protection
    4)  Download Defender Control 2.0 make sure its RED colour and says disabled 
    5) Disable Fast Boot 
    5A) Disable App & browser control
    5B) Disable Exploit protection 
    6) Disable secure boot from BIOS (If unable to do so delete key management) 
    7) Disable all FireWall settings
    8.) Delete FaceIT, ESEA, Riot Vanguard or any other anti-cheat you might have on your PC. 
    9) Disable all overlays, such as; Geforce, AMD, GameBar, Discord... 
    1. Open "Loader" folder. 
    2. Run "Loader.exe" as admin 
    3. Paste your key, press ENTER.
    4. Should now be in idle waiting for F5 press. Wait, follow rest of guide. 
    5. Open the game.  
    6. Wait till PUBG main menu.  
    7. Press F5 to load menu  
    8. Cheat now injected / loaded.
    Press DEL for menu.  
    Note that you need to close the cheat / loader when you close the game  
    There is a slight aimbot issue at around 30m. It will be hard to lock while ADS but can lock fine if you hipfire.
    You can help this issue by lowering smooth and increasing FOV.   

    What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


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