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    Apex N.O. 1.0.0

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    About This File

    Download Microsoft VC_redist by pressing:
    First preparation:

    1) Make sure to have game set on borderless fullscreen / windowed in game settings - CLOSE GAME/STEAM/ORIGINS/EA APP 

    2)  Delete any antivirus on your PC, deactivation is not enough!

    3) Disable real-time protection

    4)  Download Defender Control 2.0 and make sure its RED colour and says disabled 

    5) Disable Fast Boot 
    5A) Disable App & browser control 
    5B) Disable Exploit protection

    6) Disable secure boot from BIOS (If unable to do so delete key management) 

    7) Disable all FireWall settings

    8.) Delete FaceIT, ESEA, Riot Vanguard or any other anti-cheat you might have on your PC. 

    9) Disable all overlays, such as; Geforce, AMD, GameBar, Discord.. etc 
    1. Run .EXE file as admin.  

    2. Paste your key and press "Enter". 

    3. (Loader will now register/verify your key and load the driver) 

    4. You should see these to prompts below; 
    [+] Driver loaded.
    [+] Driver ran successfully. 

    5. Loader will now close.  
    6. Run .EXE file as admin AGAIN, this time the cheat will inject.  

    7. Wait till it says "Press F1" Load Apex and go to main lobby.  

    8. Hit F1 to inject. Menu should auto appear.  

    Menu key = INSERT 

    If all done correctly, should now see the menu.

    Some important notes!
    * Apex has a very heavy aimbot detection! Please use wisely!  
    * To use menu when in-game press ESC first to bring up your mouse cursor, then press INSERT, you can now navigate menu.  

    What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


    No changelog available for this version.


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